The reason that our family business started was because my fathers never ending desire to leave something for his kids when he leaves this world. My father didn't have much when he came to Florida with the clothes on his back and very little money and no home things seem hopeless for him because he was living on the streets. Just when things looked like it wouldn't get any better he got a call from a cousin that heard about what's going on with him so he had a place ready for him to stay in but he just had to get a ride there, thankfully some one took him all the way to the place his cousin had ready for him. Ever since that dad and all that time living on the side of the streets he never wanted that for his kids so he decided to start a plumbing business with all the knowledge from his mentor in Chicago that trained him. So he got his license and started JPS plumbing Inc from there it changed his life and his family's for the better all because his drive to better himself.

My father has been training and teaching me all his knowledge about pluming and for that I'm very thankful for because with out him I have no idea where I would be. He always tells me treat your customers with respect and we are not here to make millions of them we are here to help them and use our trad and skill to help not hurt them. So me and my dad go to all of our customers houses and cut them great prices then give them our amazing and clean work and they thank us and tell us they are happy with our work because we didn't rip them off and didn't do a half fast job.

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